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Tau Ceti, unleash the rockets

AMA and Mando production announced the release of their latest game “Tau Ceti”. Although the game is mainly described as tower defense, it also incorporates elements from the RTS and card-battle genres. The game is available on the Android platform exclusively, but will be released on other devices soon as well.

In a distant galaxy ravaged by war, one solar system remains uninvolved, hiding large quantities of resources needed to fuel the war machines, but not for long. Countless armadas are preparing to invade the system and the only obstacle standing in the middle is you and your mighty orbital station. Join the battle and fight back the evil alien ships before they lay their hands on your precious minerals.

You take control of the orbital station located on the left edge of the map. In order to repel the invading forces, you need to shoot and kill before they damage the station. In order to do this, various weapons and special attacks are presented to you in form of a battle cards. Each card grants a different type of attack, AoE spell or deadly barrage that can clear the map in couple of seconds.  The obstacles scattered around the hexagonal field can be used to your advantage if you carefully plan your attacks. Once you collect sufficient amount of cards, you can customize your deck and choose your favorite weapons before starting the next battle. In case you need more cards, you can buy “card boosters” from the in-game store by spending couple of silver coins that can be gathered while playing, or purchased for real money in form of an IAP.

Couple of ads can be seen while navigating the main menu, but they never seem to appear during the gameplay. Tau Ceti can be downloaded from the Android Play Store for free, provides google game services support (achievements and global leaderboards) and can be played on most devices running Android 2.3.3 or later.

Tau Ceti
Tau Ceti
Developer: AMA LTD.
Price: Free+
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Game Features:
* Unique and original Sci-fi 2D.
* Explore 3 galaxies with increasing levels of difficulty in endless mode.
* Master your orbital space to defeat your enemies: asteroid fields, nebulae.
* Collect more than 700 cards: anti-gravity, corrosive weapons, rare technologies, etc.
* Loot bonuses and enhancements from defeated foes.
* Compete against 6 different types of enemies, from the innumerable hunters to heavy bombers.
* Share your score via the social features.[tab:END]

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