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What is your favorite TV Family of All Time? No, no, your other other favorite cartoon TV family that makes about as much sense as … hmm a goat flying around with a jetpack strapped to its back? Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Family Guy The Quest for Stuff for Android, signed by Fox and Tiny co. Freakin’ sweet?

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The game begins showing all the boys (yes, including Meg, whatever) chilling on the sofa, when suddenly Lois enters the room announcing that Fox decided to cancel their show for good. Not quite happy regarding the decision, the townsfolk of Quahog gather inside the city hall just to find out that the new president of Fox Networks is …. *drumroll* – Ernie the giant chicken. Peter, vividly upset, starts fighting the giant chicken and unfortunately destroys the entire city in the process. And it won’t rebuild itself!

The ruined city of Quahog is covered in thick grey smoke and the only person who can rebuild it and restore its former glory is you. Peter Griffin. And you will have to do it the old fashioned way, by simpsons-did-itgranting wishes to all your friends and family members. Your own house is the first building you get to restore and once completed, you unlock your own son Chris. But Chris will only join your noble quest when you fulfill all his needs, one-need-at-a-time. Those requests may take a while to complete, but once done, you get a second pair of hands and you can start working on other projects such as restoring your neighboring houses, placing decorations around Spooner str. or attend your characters needs that can be both annoying and funny (make Peter do the “Bird is the Word” dance for example). You can unlock more characters by restoring their houses, gain levels, abilities or complete events to gain extra coins needed for projects. Once complete, buildings will generate revenue, so make sure you check on previous districts and collect all the goodies.

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Actions are time based taking anywhere from couple of minutes, hours or even days to complete. Naturally, you can “fast forward” all the timers if you have enough “clams” sitting in your wallet (the premium currency), but that isn’t very likely to happen unless you visit the in-app store and buy them out for real money. Yes, you can find them for free while playing, but that amount will hardly make a difference once you unlock more characters or queue-up multiple jobs.


Family Guy The Quest for Stuff is a city building game using the same business model we already saw in so many games, but hey, at least the humor is solid. After all, you do get to build your very own Quahog, play with all the characters you love, customize their appearance and make them do questionable stuff.  If you don’t mind waiting and checking-in on your progress occasionally, or time has no meaning to you, Family Guy The Quest for Stuff can be a fun game to play, for everyone else, there’s mastercard.

 By Ivica Kiwi

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff
Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

Game Features:

• It’s Free! Freakin’ free? Freakin’ sweet!
• Create a living Quahog that fits enjoyably in your pants
• Unlock hilarious outfits for your characters like Mermaid Peter, Bikini-Clad Quagmire, and Rambo Lois
• Send your characters on ridiculous quests
• Keep Quahog safe from pirates, evil chickens, and other invasions
• Peterfy your town with decorations such as The Petercopter, The Peterdactyl, and The Hindenpeter
• Unlock hundreds of brand new and classic animations

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