Micronytes – Director’s Cut

What do you do when your patient is about to die and no drugs can save him? You assume control of your miniature robot-like creatures, otherwise called Micronytes, and crush the evil virus by hand, before it does some serious damage.


Micronytes is actually an old game (ok, not that old), but because of the amount of content the developers rolled out, they decided to release it as a separate game that brings in new levels, superior graphics and bosses, hence the name Director’s Cut. Micronytes was (and still is) a retro-arcade platformer where you have to avoid dangerous obstacles residing inside the human body and crush the evil virus waiting at the end of each level.


Controlling your Micronyte is simple as all you have to do is move left, right and jump, but the gameplay itself can be quite challenging. Sure, you will have to avoid all the deadly obstacles that can kill you instantly, but that’s only a small part of the problem. Let’s not forget all the miniature platforms floating above acid pools with added rotating obstacles, the optional pills that can be collected for extra points and the lovely timer that measures your performance. Wall bouncing is also a thing here and yes, you will have to time your moves and jumps perfectly to progress further.

Micronyte Director’s Cut plays fast, but restarts even faster. You can die over and over again and you will never feel angry. Ok, maybe a little, but the game won’t punish you for trying and there are no gameplay restrictive timers involved. There are couple of ads visible while the game is paused, but they can easily be removed for a reasonable price of $1.2 (accessible from within the game). This is the only IAP available and will also unlock all the levels instantly. Download the game for free and save that poor guy’s life before it’s too late.




[tab:Download Micronytes Director’s Cut]
Micronytes Director's Cut
Micronytes Director's Cut
Developer: Gibs & Gore
Price: Free


[tab:Game Features]

– 63 new levels.
– 3 final bosses.
– New HD graphics.
– Superb playability.
– Original Soundtrack.
– Achievements in Google Play Games.


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