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High Explosive

High Explosive is a unique physics puzzle- and action game where you have to reach the exit by exploding your way there! Carefully plan your strategy and utilize the environment to your advantage to ace each level and unlock cool new skins!


Tap the screen to cause an explosion. Hold down on the screen to enter slowmotion and release to cause an explosion. Use explosions to manipulate different objects in order to complete each level. It’s that easy!

Now get out there and help our protagonist bomb light the fuse!

Game Features

* Lots of explosions!
* Epic crate destruction carnage!
* 45 Levels and more coming soon
* Stylish graphics
* Simple and easy-to-learn controls
* Unique unlockable skins
* Animated expressions
* Player stats – track how awesome you are!
* Tablet support
* Achievements
* Cloud save

*Author’s Description*

High Explosive
High Explosive
Developer: Archon Interactive
Price: Free

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