Puzzle & Dragons, Hello Kitty collab returns

SANRIO characters return to Puzzle & Dragons, GungHo Online Entertainment’s hit mobile puzzle game. If you missed some of the summons when SANRIO Egg machine was last time around, now is your chance to summon or evolve characters like Great Witch of the Bedchamber, Hello Kitty; Cogimyun and Hangyodon. The event starts today and lasts through November 27, so make sure you log in.

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What’s in this collab?

Players can also collect characters from the SANRIO CHARACTERS Egg Machine. Practice new spells with Great Witch of the Enchanting Seas, Hello Kitty and Great Witch of the Deep Forest, Hello Kitty, or make new friends with Hangyodon and Cogimyun. Experience the Magic of Friendship Meet enchanting companions and win special rewards in seven event-exclusive dungeons.

  • SANRIO CHARACTERS lets players battle for a chance to earn rewards, including SANRIO CHARACTERS Medal – Gold. These medals can be traded at the Monster Exchange. 
  • Skill Leveling Dungeon SANRIO CHARACTERS will guarantee Skill Up for team members that have the same Skill as characters featured in this dungeon. 
  • REMDrapurin Descended! & Multiplayer! REMDrapurin Descended! will have REMDrapurin and Diamond REMDrapurin invade at the end of the dungeon. They appear at random and players can receive them as drops when the characters are defeated. Clearing this dungeon for the first time also grants a pull from the ★6+ SANRIO CHARACTERS Egg Machine.
    • Multiplayer! REMDrapurin Descended! lets players and their friends play together to clear the dungeon. 
  • SANRIO CHARACTERS Land! gives a 100% drop rate and special Assist character to players who use SANRIO CHARACTERS collab characters as a Leader on their team. In the dungeon, players can also receive various drops, such as Super Snow Globe Dragon and Py.
    • Multiplayer! SANRIO CHARACTERS Land! lets players join forces to overcome the challenges of this dungeon. 
  • Hello Kitty Title Challenge! rewards players with the [Hello Kitty] title which requires players to use a fixed team.


Puzzle & Dragons is available on Android and iOS. If you can’t download it from the Play Store because of the regional restrictions in place, you can tap the link to download the APK file directly on your phone.

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