Eternal Evolution launched globally

Eternal Evolution is an idle game from HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited. This time, instead of anime characters, we have powerful heroes, mythical creatures and even aliens to collect and upgrade. The official global launch completed recently and the game is available on both Android and iOS devices. Those of you who pre-registered for the release, can now claim your rewards.

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About the game

Eternal Evolution will appeal primarily to the idle/AFK auto-battle fans. It has a storyline, but the main focus is on hero collection and evolution. Set in a sci-fi futuristic universe, this casual game will allow your heroes to level up and evolve even if you don’t really spend all that much time inside the game. You can upgrade and maintain your main base through the gacha system, build auxiliary facilities and open crates with rewards.

Majority of the gameplay is focused around the chapter missions, which do indeed grant some sweet rewards (and even heroes) when completed. After that there are tiny little “hooks” all around the menus, with a sole intention to make you keep coming back. For example, a week-long quests that award powerful SSR heroes are a thing, but you will have to log-in daily and complete the objectives in order to get the rewards.

Graphics are nice and the battles are on full-auto, but you can tweak your teams as much as you like. Different heroes have different ultimate abilities, some are tanks, others heal or do pure DPS. Typically, you will want a balanced team that can survive long enough to kill all the enemies.

Check out the trailer.

Eternal Evolution Trailer


Eternal Evolution is available globally on Android and iOS. You can download the game directly from Google Play or the Apple Store. The Android requirements are reasonable (Android 6.0 and 2GB of RAM), and the game will take up around 1.5 to 2GB of storage space. If you can’t access Google Play, download the APK file directly on your phone.

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