Astrokings X Stargate SG-1 crossover returns

Astrokings is a Sci-Fi 4X (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) MMO game by Tilting Point that gathered over 1 million downloads on the Android Play Store alone. The collaboration with Stargate SG-1 is already live and will last through November 30. You can join forces with iconic characters such as Teal’C, George S. Hammond, Samantha Carter, and Adria. Take control of the powerful Odyssey flagship or the Prometheus flagship and defend the galaxy.

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What’s new in this event?

For a limited time, players will be able to receive four new heroes, including The Last Ori‘ Adria, ‘Commander‘ George S. Hammond, Mercenary‘ Vala Mal Doran and ‘Major‘ Janet Fraiser, giving players more options for who will command their ships. Additionally, a new flagship will be available, ‘Light of Ori’, with new beam abilities such as increased attack speed and increased missile resistance for players to use in battle for the first time.

Various limited time events will also be available, including Federation Alien Fleet, where players can summon an alien fleet to help them in battle, as well as “I am Legend”, which challenges players to earn points and rewards for clearing the Stargate dimension rift. More events will be announced in the coming weeks, helping players to form their strongest Federation and grow their power to rule the universe. 


Astrokings is free to download and play on Android and iOS. The game has in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $199.99 per item. If you can’t download through the Google Play store, tap the “Download APK” link below.

Martin J. – “Astrokings X Stargate SG-1 crossover returns”

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