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Polarbit released Rail Racing

From the developers of Raging Thunder and Reckless Getaway, comes another racer that puts you on rails, literally. Rail Racing is a colorful, action packed miniature slot car racing game that will find its place among casual gamers as well as seasoned veterans.


The key feature in Rail Racing are the race tracks themselves, or their number to be precise. You get to drive your miniature cars across 50+ tracks, twisting turning and spanning an entire house across multiple rooms. The lengthy single player campaign starts in the kid’s room from where you begin unlocking additional tracks and locations by completing races and earning stars.
Since Rail Racing is set, well on rails, controlling your car is extremely easy by using the on-screen buttons. Changing lanes, “slip-streaming” behind opponents or tackling them out of the way is as simple as it sounds. Having no real control on corners and overtakes has little to no impact on the dynamic gameplay as you still have to pay close attention to your speed, slopes, opponents and boosts that can help you greatly (or set you back) when trying to catch up on your rivals.

If you get bored while playing the campaign, you can always enter the multiplayer mode and challenge other players “ghosts” for a spot on the track-by-track leaderboard. While specific ghost races can be downloaded, there is no real head-to-head or full-fledged multiplayer mode to race against your friends in real time. Hopefully the developers will add this feature in some of the upcoming updates.

Rail Racing is ad and IAP supported game that can be downloaded for free. The gold coins are the in-game currency and can be collected while racing. Those coins are required to to unlock additional cars (20 in total) and various customizations such as paint jobs, stickers and decals. Unique stat boosting perks can also be purchased from the in-app store (about $1.0 each), but they are completely optional unless you intend to top the leaderboard at all cost. To download the game and start earning achievements right away, follow the link below.




[tab:Download Rail Racing]
Rail Racing
Rail Racing
Developer: Polarbit
Price: Free+

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