DotEMU brings Little Big Adventure to Android

DotEmu announced that their latest port on Android, Little Big Adventure (also known as relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure), is now ready to be downloaded from the Play Store. Regardless if you played the original release or not, this isometric action-adventure will capture your attention and provide healthy 15+ hours of gameplay, even 20 years later.


Younger gamers may not remember, but when Adeline Software launched this game back in 1994 on MS DOS, it sold over 400.000 copies on its first release (mind you, digital distribution services were non existent back then). The game was ported to the PSX couple of years later, followed by Little Big Adventure 2 that was (and remains) PC exclusive. Anyway, 20 years later, the developers from DotEmu decided to re-introduce this pseudo 3D – real time action adventure game to the mobile community by releasing their port on both Android and iOS.

Set on a fictional planet called Twinsun, the game begins by revealing Dr. FunFrock’s terrible plan to take over the world by deploying an army of clones. Your character, a young lad named Twinsen, was accused of spreading his prophetic dreams about the end of the world and ended up in a mental asylum located on a remote island. Luckily, Twinsen escapes from the asylum and having nowhere else to go, he seeks refuge in his girlfriend’s house. When Dr. FunFrock’s clones arrive at her door, Zoe hides her boyfriend and gets arrested herself. Desperate to rescue his one true love and stop Dr. FunRock from taking over the world, Twinsen joins the local rebel group from where he begins his adventure.

DotEmu went ahead and added couple of features to make the game more enjoyable on modern devices, including changes related to the user interface itself. The most important feature are the new touch-optimized controls and the adjustable throwing and jumping distance with visible trajectories. Furthermore, players can zoom in and out, disable or enable the hint system and follow various tutorials at the start of the game. Little Big Adventure is fully translated (voice and text) in 3 different languages (English, French and German), while Italian and Spanish players will have to settle for text only translations accompanied by English voices. The game can be purchased for $3.99 from the Play Store link below.

[tab:Download Little Big Adventure]
Little Big Adventure
Little Big Adventure
Developer: Dotemu
Price: $4.99
[tab:Game Features]

• New gameplay adapted to ‘ touch’ mode, adjustable throwing and jumping distance (visible trajectory), simplified sections
• Streamlined, easy-to-use interface
• Tutorials at the start of the game & Dynamic ON/OFF hint system
• Zoom feature to provide an overview of the scenes
• 5 languages available: English, French, German, (voices and text) – Italian and Spanish (text only, voices in English).
• Over 15 hours of gameplay
• A rich and varied blend of adventure, platform, combat and puzzle gaming


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