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Shibe the Doge is not gonna let anything stop his eternal quest to find the “Epic Wow”. Not even telekinetic laser-shooting cat heads and gelatinous dual-phasing ground-hopping rooster heads! Control Shibe as he zaps his way through the andromeda galaxy, where he uses his powers of rocket science and space physics to vaporize the enemies that gets in his way in the path to the “Epic Wow.” Wow!


-Responsive Tap-to-Zap gameplay!
-Vibrant and Humurous visuals! Very wow!
-Show off how much space critters you’ve vaporized through the online leaderboard!
-High-speed gameplay will keep you on your toes, as you zap along the Andromeda. Amaze!
-It features a Shibe. What more can you ask?

How to Play:
-Tap ’em to zap ’em critters!
-If you don’t zap them, they’ll zap you back!
-Shibe can perform a secondary zap after the initial zap! Use it to your advantage!

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