Pocket Knights 2 Launching Globally

After taking their sweet time to polish the game, the developers from Pitaya Network finally announced that Pocket Knights 2 is ready to go global. As a welcome gift to new players and part of the launch day, there will be rewards.


Pocket Knights 2


Pocket Knights 2 is an ARPG card game set in world controlled by three realms, Human, Divine and Demon. Players can summon heroes based on the western legend and ancient oriental folklore, fight the dark forces and bring peace in the land. Party building and gear management are a big part of the game as are hero-evolutions. Assemble the best possible party for each battle and if you get stuck, call a friend to help.


pocket knights 2


As part of the launch day celebration there is a daily login bonus to accumulate diamonds and discount events offering special prices in the in-app store. Pocket Knights 2 is available on Android and the iOS version will follow soon. If you get the error message that the game is not available in your country, give it some time the update is rolling out right now.

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