Horizon Chase – World Tour Updated

The award winning arcade racer from Aquiris Game Studio S.A, Horizon Chase just got updated. Among the other things, a brand new cup is taking place in Hawaii and Google Play cloud services were finally implemented. If you never heard of Horizon Chase, perhaps now is the time to check it out.


About Horizon Chase


Originally released couple of years ago, Horizon Chase is an incredibly fast arcade racer. It will probably remind you of old arcade and Amiga games suchs as Outrun, Lotus Esprit and Lotus II, as you blaze past enemies in butter-smooth 60 frames per second. The new Hawaii Cup update brings 9 new tracks, 2 new cars a bodykit upgrade and finally, full Google Cloud implementation. One of the cars is indeed the rainbow wan featured on the Play Store that contains 6 nitro packs.

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Just to be perfectly clear, the game isn’t free. You can download the “demo” version containing 1 cup and 3 tracks for free and buy the rest of the game later for about 3$. There are no other in-app purchases, no ads and no shady energy systems. Once you unlock the full game, you also get all the previous update and the rest of the content which includes 10 Cups, 40 Cities, 92 Tracks, 21 unlock-able cars and an awesome sound track by Barry Leitch. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Now check out the latest trailer.



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