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The long anticipated mobile version of The Sims is finally here. Granted, there were couple of different games with the same name over the past few years, dating all the way back to Nokia and Symbian, but this is apparently the game we’ve all been waiting for. Is it? Let’s take a closer look and see what lies under the colorful screenshots.


The Sims™ Mobile – The First Hour


After you install the game from the Play Store, once launched The Sims will download additional resources. The total amount of storage space required is just under 500 megabytes, which is not too bad even for older Android devices. Naturally, you start off by customizing your Sim. Once you’re done with that, the game will show your first home, a house in pretty bad condition. Fixing it up is your number 1 priority. The tutorial is sort of slip-streamed into the game, so you do what the game tells you to do and there is no way around it.



Once that part is done, you will have to get a job. As the only content not locked at the beginning, I had to be a barista in the local coffee shop. This is the first time where you actually have to make a decision. Let your Sim work his shift by himself (takes about an hour to complete), or help him and be done in about 5-10 minutes. Completing a shift brings you experience and cash (simoleons) which you can naturally use to purchase upgrades for your house. Relationships and generally any interactions with anything in the game is quite simplified compared to the non-mobile version, but that was to be expected. After all you cannot devote 8 hours a day taking care of your mobile Sim, you will run out of battery life.



If by now you are still wondering, yes there is an energy system and yes it does limit your actions. The energy is drained by almost everything and while it does regenerate on its own, you can speed it up by taking actions like naps, showers etc. that are also on their own separate timers. The game also has daily objectives, missions and bunch of other stuff that can help you level up faster, get a better job and so on.



The graphics are OK-ish. The game definitely looks better from what you can tell by looking at the screenshots. There are some noticeable low polygon models, some aliasing and pixelation, but for a mobile game it will do just fine. You do get smooth gaming experience even on older phones or tablets, as long as they run on Android 4.1 or later, have at least 1GB of Ram and a CPU that is in the same class as Snapdragon 430 or better.

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Price: Free
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Dejan Balalovski

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