A Planet of Mine hits 1 Million downloads


​A Planet of Mine just hit the popular milestone of 1 million downloads. To celebrate this, the devs from “Tuesday Quest” released an update bringing in couple of new interesting features, including the most requested “Sandbox Mode”.


About the game


A Planet of Mine is a 4x (“eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate”) strategy game, optimized for mobile devices. Expanding your civilization by micro-managing resources, developing new technologies and properly distributing resources is the key for winning. There are plenty of different biomes and planets to manage and entire systems to conquer.



Players can also encounter AI controlled factions and decide what would be the best approach to deal with them. Make some kind of trade agreements, or crush them and drive them off the system.


Whats New in the Forge update


A ​“sandbox” mode to set your own rules. Now you’re the boss and you can create a universe with up to 40 planets and as many resources you need. (Available in each pack)
New feature: Custom game mode
New feature: Grow trees & new dynamic regeneration system
New feature: Artificial planet and tile
New natural structure: Energy Crystal
New random structure: Redball distributor
New structure: sign boards
New structure: Alchemy
New structure: Synthesis reactor
Bug fixes (see forum details)
New language : Ru, Sp
Tuning (structures price and characteristics, discoveries order, biomes content)
Graphical improvements and performance


A Planet of Mine is a freemium game where to core content is free with no ads. Additional challenges, species and different game modes can be purchased from within the game. To download the game follow the link below, or check out the trailer here.


A Planet of Mine
A Planet of Mine
Developer: Tuesday Quest
Price: Free

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