In “Globe”, alien invasion forces are attacking the only Earth-defense space station and all the other astronauts are knocked out in space. You are mankind’s only hope. Kill the evil aliens before they get to attack the planet.


Gameplay & Controls


Globe is a portrait mode bullet hell arcade shooter where your only job is to kill enemies and collect resources (Space Dust). The controls are simple, you only get to steer your ship left and right while auto shooting will take care of the rest.



Of course this wouldn’t be fun at all if there were no upgrades and rpg elements included. Don’t worry, the developers from ZPLAY got you covered. The previously mentioned Space Dust can be used to upgrade equipped items, their tiers and rarity. Speaking of rarity, there are 5 tiers available common, rare, very rare, epic and legendary. On top of that you can level up your ship, make your own mod combinations and unlock 5 different ship types.


Once you level up your Pilot sufficiently and become a Supreme Commander of the Intergalactic force, you can complete trials and enjoy your glory for saving the planet. To download Globe, follow the link below.

Developer: ZPLAY Games
Price: Free+

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