Hero Hunters

The beta testing is over, Hero Hunters should be available worldwide starting today. This third person (tactical) shooter puts you 50 years in the future, a decade after the “Zero Day” bombing event that lead to a catastrophic war that ruined the entire civilization. Now, you must lead a team of heroes and defeat the evil warlord “General Kurtz”.


Hero Hunters Gameplay


Players can assemble team of five heroes and start playing the campaign right away. There are over 40 heroes to choose from, some exclusives and plenty of war-gear to mix and match your team abilities to perfection. The key element (beside your Heroes) of winning battles is using the covers to hide your troops from incoming fire. What makes the gameplay unique is the ability to seamlessly switch from hero to hero during battles and control whichever hero you prefer.



Beside hunting down General Kurtz in the single player campaign, players can also engage in real-time PvP combat, join forces with friends and create alliances. It will take a while to explore the 7 regions included and finish hundreds of missions fighting off raiders, bandits and other evil entities. Co-op boss fights are also available. Team up with your friends and try to take down epic Mechs for loot and glory.


The developers from “Hothead Games” are promising more content in the next few months, with heavy focus on the social gameplay experience. To download Hero Hunters follow the link below, or click here to view the trailer.


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