Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War (Update)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War is receiving a special Lunar New Year update. Set in the popular “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise from Disney, Tides of War is a mobile strategy game (with some micro-management elements) that gained huge popularity in North America, Europe and Asia since its original launch in May 2017.


About Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War


For those of you who are not familiar with the game, you are looking at a simplified city (port) management game with an auto-battle system. Your main goal is to expand, upgrade and acquire new resources. Build your fleet from the ground up, recruit new crew, hire specialists and battle your way to victory. There is an extensive tutorial for any new player that will guide you through (almost) everything, how the game works and what you have to do in the beginning. Pirates can embark on special missions, raid other islands for loot or play the story driven campaign. The port under your control is your sanctuary. You can upgrade buildings, train skills and carefully plan your moves.


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The adventure never really ends and for how long will you play it’s entirely up to you. At later levels, things are getting harder for F2P players as resources you gather drop significantly and the game does require your attention at least once a day if you are expecting some decent progress. Guilds (fleets) are also a thing here, so make sure you find and join one as soon as you can (or create your own). This will help you progress faster and defend the port when not online. For what it is, Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War seems to be an OK daily game if you’re a fan of the franchise.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War – Lunar New Year Update


The update brings optimizations, changes to existing game elements and adds new in-game events. The old battle system was also revamped and gone are the 1-v-3 ship battles. A real-time aspect will also be introduced in which players with higher rates of fire will be able to fire more frequently.


– New tacticians have arrived at your port. Players will be able to select from a pool of 30 Tacticians, who can be enlisted by visiting Captain Jack Sparrow every 24 hours. They carry talismans that empower your ships with elemental attributes (Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Dark)

– Queen’s secret missions are now split in two, Secret and Urgent Missions.
– New rewards for players that reached certain level. The new rewards will start at 5 million points and will be spread over 20 different intervals up to 205 million points.
– There is a Guide Book for new players and some shop elements were refurbished. The first Captain to attack each World Boss monster will now be rewarded.


To try the game follow the link below and download it through the Play Store or watch the trailer.




Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW
Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW




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