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Misty Tower : Tranquil and vibrant!

Will you succeed reaching space?

Tap on the clouds to spread them. Explode the meteorites and drive away the stars, protect your misty column to reach space.
A tranquil sound ambience! Detailed sound effects and a vibrant soundtrack!



– Stack the pieces and keep your misty column from collapsing.
– Avoid a lot of traps, clouds, stars, and meteorites.
– Let yourself relaxed by the ambiance ! It’s tranquil.
– Just want to relax ? Play in calm mode, Misty Tower is tranquil.
– A wide variety of traps, clouds, stars and meteorites ! You’ll never be bored in Misty Tower.
– Available in over 10 languages ! The game is available for everyone.
– Less than 20MB of space required ! Lighter than clouds.
– Make the highest score! Be the first to reach space and stack the tallest column.
– No connection required to play.

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