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Heavenly Saber, a classic 3D MMORPG is arriving next month on both Android and iOS. The story is about a young Swordsman (or Swordsmaid?) who defends the weak and fights the rebels of the Tang Empire. Set in a oriental fantasy world, Heavenly Saber looks more like an action RPG rather than classic MMORPG, but looks can be deceiving.


About Heavenly Saber


Heavenly Saber

The game is being developed by Ujoy (Swords of Immortals, Fate of Ascension) and should be launched by the end of the next month. That is, unless the Android version suffers delays in favor of iOS. From what we could tell, only two classes are revealed at the moment. Swordsman and yes, the Swordsmaid.


The developers are promising plenty of content, although only limited amount of press screenshots were released and sadly, no trailer (yet).  Here are the game features:

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A Vivid Gear System:
-Equip yourself with sharp blades and shining armor which can be strengthened by Enhance Stone, various gems, or by smelting unwanted equipment.

Unique Sword Soul to boost CP:
-Complete various quests and clear dungeons to claim massive EXP for Sword Soul, which will boost your Combat Power immensely.

Romantic V acation for Couples:
-Players can earn massive EXP in the hot spring, with extra EXP while resting. Twice a day you can enter the hot springs. Couples are rewarded with bonus EXP!

Intense Battles with great bosses:
All fighters will have a chance to win a Lucky Pack! Players who deal the most damage or finish off the Boss with the final blow can claim huge rewards.

Promote Spirits of Swordsmen:
Escort the beauty, protect her from the enemy and dangers around. You will be blessed with a powerful buff provided by the beauty while you were fighting valiantly against other players.



The pre-registration event is already live (link at the bottom) and will grant rewards depending on the number of people registered. The stretch goal is 150000 registrations and if reached will grant all players the “Perfect Pack” reward.


Heavenly Saber Registration Link




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