Path to Nowhere is coming soon

Path to Nowhere is coming soon on Android and iOS. Described as free-to-play tower defense, real-time strategy and role-playing hybrid game. The developer AISNO Games promises exclusive rewards if you pre-register your account on the Play Store.

Path to Nowhere – Global release

The game is already available in China, but global launch will happen by the end of this year. Taking place in an anime-stylized dark futuristic world, players recruit, deploy and command an ever-expanding rogues gallery of superpower-infused sinners aiming for a shot at redemption for their crimes.

In Path to Nowhere, players assume the role of the head of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control (MBCC). Tasked with giving orders for the human fight against Mania, a transformation of the human body that begins with mental disorders. MBCC is not only responsible for the arrest and control of dangerous criminals, but also uses the power of criminals to act in various disasters.

Sinners will differ with anime design, skills, personalities and backstories. Furthermore, the ‘Interrogation’ game mode will reveal additional chapters from the story. The art style is something that early adapters praise, defined as dark gritty and anime-stylized.


  • Recruit, upgrade, and deploy a variety of ‘Sinners’ for amazing combos that match your play style as elements of gacha, strategy, RPG and tower defense combine
  • Deep strategy gameplay across the main story campaign, with the experience enhanced through multiple game modes and features
  • Delve deeper into the secrets of this dark future world and the Sinners under your command in the ‘Interrogation’ mode
  • Stunning anime-style art direction and multiple dubbing options including English, Japanese and Korean for an impressive audio-visual experience

The release date is set for “later this year”, but you can pre-register and receive various rewards upon launch. You can find more info about the game on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

Path to Nowhere
Path to Nowhere
Developer: AISNO Games
Price: Free

D.B. – “Path to Nowhere is coming soon”

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