Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG – Early Access

Curiosity about new games peaked yesterday afternoon, so I decided to check out the beta/early access section of the Google Play Store. I tried couple of them and decided to stick with this one by “Loongcheer Game”. Those are my thoughts on Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG – (Early Access).

Mine Hunter and the intuitive name

Before trying the game I decided to check out the developer’s website for some additional information. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that Mine Hunter isn’t a half-product by some conglomerate, but what looks like an indie dev team. They do, however, have over 20 games published and developed.

I do not understand why they chose “Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG” as the name to be. It almost seems like they tried cramming in as much keywords as they could, and that kind of works on some levels. We know that there is a hunter, that mines, he is pixelated and there is some kind of rogue involved. Not exactly, but the game does have a roguelike elements.

About the actual game

Mine Hunter is a pixelated RPG galore of colors and sounds that has surprisingly large amount of content already. As with almost any other game, there is a story. It involves a mysterious force, evil creatures and humans with their “epiphany” – apes together strong. Creatures are now driven underground and guess where are you going?

And so it begins. There are A LOT of levels, collectibles, resources, creatures and bosses. That is actually great, since this game is single player only. Sooner or later you will lose interest, but constant updates, events and daily quests might make you stick a bit longer.

Well? Is it any good?

It is. You will clear dungeons, smash bats, rats, plants and other non-human life-forms, face bosses and in the end you will ask for more. While clearing a level, you collect runes and artifacts. This is where “roguelike” comes into play. Choosing the right runes you can completely dominate a boss, or the other way around. There is a catch though, you lose them all when you finish the stage.

Character development, gear, pets and heroes are not part of the roguelike element. Everything you collect (materials and resources), everything you craft or upgrade is there forever.


Controls can be a bit twitchy sometimes and translation can be a bit better in certain texts. Dialogs are usually very long and not very interesting, unless you play for the story I guess. Luckily you can easily skip them with a single tap. Currency and material introduction is truly an overwhelming experience, not in a good way. You are pretty much bombarded with everything at once, so don’t skip the tutorial.


Should you try it?

Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG is not a bad game at all. There are certain aspects that could be improved, but the game is in early access anyway. We will have to wait and see what the finished product will look like.

You can download it from the link below. I didn’t notice any intrusive ads, but there are plenty of in-app purchases. The game also utilizes the energy-bar system which drains every time you enter a level. It does recover on its own (slowly), but for instant recovery you will have to spend some of the premium currency.

Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG
Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG

Dejan Balalovski: – “Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG – Early Access”

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