Card Crawl Adventure mini review

Card Crawl Adventure is a new arrival on the Android Play Store. The game is developed by Arnold Rauers and features cartoonish graphics with addictive gameplay that most card-battle fanatics will enjoy. Also it is hard. Either that, or I was really unlucky. This is my Card Crawl Adventure mini review.

Card Crawl Adventure Gameplay

There is no point in explaining the rules, the game has a great tutorial that will do that for you. Even if you skip it, you can come back later to recall some mechanics you forgot.

The gameplay itself feels great. The atmosphere is not too gloomy, graphics are nice and matches addictive enough to keep you trying over and over. However, since you only get one character for free (out of 5), you can’t really appreciate what it has to offer. The rest are locked behind a one-time in-app purchase of 0.99$ (each). There are also some other items that you can get for the same price, reducing the difficulty by providing bonuses.

On the bright side, there are no ads of any kind.

Roguelike or Rogue-light?

Card Crawl Adventure is a real roguelike game, as far as a card battle game can go. You always start with the same cards and you continue building and improving the deck as you progress thought the adventure. What you get and upgrade depends on your luck. However, one bad draw can make you lose the game on later levels (taverns). When that unfortunate event happens, you lose everything and start over.

My attempt to provide a gameplay insight


  • visit Card Crawls taverns
  • based on Card Thiefs pathing puzzle mechanic
  • roguelike deckbulding
  • short and engaging gameplay
  • weekly competitions

Should you try it?

If single player card battle games (or TCG) are your thing, go for it. If you like the gameplay and the weekly challenges, you can easily spend an insignificant amount of money to enjoy it even more. Card Crawl Adventure fully supports Google Play Services – including achievements and cloud saves, no Facebook login nonsense here.

If you are interested in the game’s development details, visit Arnold Rauers website.

Download it from the link below.

Card Crawl Adventure
Card Crawl Adventure
Developer: Arnold Rauers
Price: Free

Matin Janov “Card Crawl Adventure mini review”

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