Panilla Saga pre-registrations are open

Behind this unusual name hides a “Retro Real-Idle RPG”, or so the developers from Ujoygames claim. The game is scheduled for release on October 26th 2022 and anyone interested can register now to receive various bonuses and items.

Panilla Saga will launch on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store simultaneously. Players can put up a team of 5 heroes and take on the battlefield, collect fragments and upgrade star rating of their heroes.

Unfortunately, the trend of 0 (ZERO) gameplay screenshots released continues with this title as well. There is a trailer, but it reveals nothing (aside from bits and pieces about the story). We will wait and see.

Notable Features

  • Abundant Rewards: Gain resources through automatic battle even after being offline. When players are online again, they can easily access all accumulated resources through a simple tap on the screen. 
  • Diverse Gameplay: Players will have the freedom of choice to choose from nearly 100 heroes from six different classes such as Tank, Ranger, Warrior, Support, Mage, and Fighter. 
  • Nonstop Battle System: Play anytime and anywhere! There will be a real-time 5v5 auto-battle system available. Players will be able to collect rewards even while they are offline. 
  • Time Singular Point: Get ready for roguelike-level challenging gameplay. Different levels will raise the difficulty of battles, but there will be better rewards for harder battles.
  • Tower of Time: This is a well-designed puzzle-solving exploration mode where each chapter has a unique plot for specific characters. Use this mode to unlock special hero skills
  • Retro Art Style: Enjoy a retro style aesthetic that is portrayed in the colorful backgrounds featured in the game, character portraits, and character sprites. 
Panilla Saga - Epic Adventure
Panilla Saga - Epic Adventure

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