Merge Stories

Merge Stories is a brand new merging game coming from Israeli-based Jelly Button, a Playtika studio. This is not their first merging game and it is safe to say, they know how to do it correctly. Expect lots of merging, vivid colors, casual atmosphere, raids and much more.

It’s not just merging

Merge Stories

Well, the majority of the gameplay is, however the developers decided to add raiding and leaderboards in the mix. The typical sessions goes something like this: Tap on the barrels, get resources, peasants and upgrade buildings. Once you run out of materials, barrels or often both, you can put your (hopefully merged at least 3 times) peasants on the boat and go raid something.

The more you raid, collect coins (needed for upgrades) – more your island evolves. New tiles emerge from the bottom of the sea expanding your kingdom. Peasants can die during raids, but if they survive, no matter how – they are automatically healed.

Picture worth a thousand words, video….

This is a new concept that we are trying so bear with us. Quick gameplay video will show you everything you need to know before tapping the download button.

Merge Stories Gameplay

You can see the in-app purchases in the end of the video. You can watch ads for resources if you chose to do so, but there are no intrusive banners or pop-up.

Final Word

Merge Stories is a nice casual game that lets you play at your own pace. Colors are vibrant and pleasant to watch at. There are no hidden surprises later on, at least for the day I spent playing the game.

The only true con is the complete absence of Google Play Services support (yet again). Facebook login is supported and that’s about it. A shame really since Merge Stories can definitely use some comfort features such as achievements.

Anyway, the video should give you a pretty clear picture what to expect. If you are looking for a battery friendly casual game, go ahead and tap the download button. Merge Stories will download around 130 megabytes from the Play Store and additional 150 when launched for the first time. It can’t be played in offline mode. Available on Android and iOS in English, French, German and Spanish – with more languages to come.

Merge Stories - Merge Games
Merge Stories - Merge Games
Developer: Playtika
Price: Free

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