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Arena Heroes Tactics

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Hire, teach and equip warriors, customize and manage your own unique squad to explore Catacombs and fantasy Dungeons!

Build the strongest team, create more combinations and make your personal strategy and fight against other players online on PvP Arena battles like traditional MOBA.

Play Tournaments, take rewards and win epic chests in Championships! Challenge top players in online leaderboards! Or simple collect rewards from Dungeons, complete special Events and raid the Bosses – just chill out.


– Hire, equip and level up warriors
– Build teams with different tactics
– Explore Dungeons to get more gold, loot and experience
– Play Arena, Tournament and Championship
– Fight against your friend in PvP
– Trade with other players on online Auction
– Buy or win rare lootboxes
– Compete against friends
– Interactive treasure hunting battles
– Fast-paced. Each battle takes about 1 minute
– AFK Ranked battle
– Idle gameplay: auto Dungeon battles
– High-quality content, animations and visual effects
– Free-to-play with no way to pay for win, power or playtime
– A lot of balanced weapons and armors that reveal individual player skill
– No two matches squad in the combat arena are ever the same
– Lightweight graphics and scripts, nice for old smartphones


– Clans and team play in raids
– Map of PvE locations
– Rift, Catacombs and Necropolises (events)
– RPG solo battles of warriors online
– Farms and Mines
– Achievements
– Dungeon survival mode
– Chat
– Shadow weapons
– Periodic events in real time
– Dismantling weapons and sharpening weapons
– Festival and two opposing teams

Arena Heroes Tactics
Arena Heroes Tactics
Developer: Casual Bunker
Price: Free

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