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Nun Attack: Run and Gun released

Olga, Mandy, Eva and Rosy are back, this time in a form of a run and gun game that promises to fully satisfy your killing needs at least for a while. Nun Attack: Run and Gun is a semi sequel to the original game that received many positive reviews and enjoys 4.5 stars rating on the Google Play store.

You will run across the world in ruins that the fifth evil nun Mortanna left behind, collecting coins unlocking weapons and using holy power-ups. So how does it work? Pick a Nun, arm her to the teeth, start running, avoid obstacles and kill kill kill. You will know you’re doing it right when you leave a bloody mess behind.

Right from the start Rosy is the only nun you can chose to play with, to get the others you will either have to spend coins or diamonds. Coins can be gathered while running, but diamonds serve as the premium currency that despite being obtainable, are quite rare. Apart from the IAPs, the game also displays unobtrusive ads that you won’t see during the gameplay.

Nun Attack: Run and Gun supports leaderboard highscores so you can compete with your friends and family. The game is free to play, the link below.

UPDATE: Game was removed from Google Play. You can still download Nun Attack Run & Gun APK here.

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