1941 Frozen Front – new turn based strategy game

1941 Frozen Front makes its way on the Google Play store after being available to iOS users for over a month, “Handy Games” decided to expand on the Android market as well. This is a freemium turn based hexagonal strategy game that is focusing on the eastern front conflict in WW II.

I can’t be 100% sure, but I do remember playing this game back in 2006. It was the same name, the same setting and gameplay, only the graphics were different. If this is a remake or completely new game I honestly don’t know, but it doesn’t matter anyway. 1941 Frozen Front (the new Android version) is focused on the eastern front, or the conflict between the Soviet and German armies.  You will be offered to take control of both troops and vehicles in order to prove your skirmishing skills in the single player campaign or against your friends in the hotseat (hot-hands) mode.

You will observe and command your units from above, camouflage or fortify positions and build tactics. The game fully supports the new Google Play gameservices including leaderboards and achievements and uses Immersion haptic technology, meaning shaky shaky device when taking fire or destroying enemy units.

On top of the IAPs, 1941 Frozen Front has some pretty obstructive ads and to remove them you will either have to pay $1.99 or install some of the sponsored software. The game is free and can be found on the Play store from the link below.

1941 Frozen Front
1941 Frozen Front
Developer: HandyGames
Price: Free

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