Champs: Battlegrounds out now

Quark Games released their latest free to play cross-platform tactical strategy game available for Android and iOS. Champs: Battlegrounds offers single player campaign and competitive PvP match making over the internet. If you ever played any “Tactics” game, Champs: Battlegrounds will look very familiar.

You will need to combine different heroes (champs) in order to build your squad and battle other players. As you win matches and progress further, different Champs with improved abilities and powers can be acquired. The turn based combat systems is tweaked to appear as real time and you can freely cast spells, attack, move or plan tactics for the Champs you control.

If you decide to play the campaign first, and build your army in peace, you can do so by engaging the AI across 30 levels of varying difficulty. When you feel ready, you can fire up the multiplayer PvP mode to confront your friends or random people in glorious battles. The game features quite decent matchmaking system, that should balance the gameplay by matching players with similar skills.

The game uses IAPs to sustain its existence and can be downloaded for free. Keep in mind that not every Android device is supported, and the developer seems to decided not to make the game available in every single country in the world.

UPDATE: Removed from the Play Store. Download Champs: Battlegrounds APK here.

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