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Noch mal!

Siegen, Germany – Outline Development releases the digital version of the popular dice game “Noch mal!” for iOS and Android today. The physical game designed by Inka and Markus Brand, published by Schmidt Spiele GmbH, has conquered the hearts of those who love classic dice games, but searching for something new. With simple rules, the characteristic dice and a varied gameplay, “Noch mal!” is a modern classic!


The app now brings the familiar gaming experience to the touch screen. In addition to a solo mode for single players (30 turns and a local leaderboard), there is also a duo mode for two players on one device. If you want to play spontaneously or save paper, you can also use the app as digital dice or digital score pad – of course in any combination with real dice and paper. The first three expansions are included right from the start and offer lots of fun with the different layouts.



What’s the game about? As in the original game, each player wants to make as many crosses and points as possible. The task is to start from the middle of the sheet, reach stars, fill columns and colors. Whether this can be achieved depends on one’s own decisions and, of course, on the luck of the dice. There are no long waits because all players can use the rolled dice. The quick handling of the app drives this “It’s always something to decide” feeling even further and so you are quickly faced with the question: “Noch mal? – Play it again?”.




* Official license
* Easy start into the game
* Game mode “Solo” for single players
* Game mode “Duo” for two players on one device
* Auto-Select Dice and Auto-Complete Turn
* Using the app as a digital score pad or digital dice
* Local leaderboard for solo mode
* Game Center support in the iOS version for Leaderboard and Achievements


“We are especially happy about this release, because we are enthusiastic players of the original game. The app is even more mobile than the original and can also be played alone – in a sociable round, the original, physical dice game is usually our first choice,” says Tobias Muller from Outline Development.


Pricing and Availability:


The Game is quoted at $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide on Google Play and the App Store in the Games category.


Press Release

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Noch mal!
Noch mal!
Developer: Outline Development
Price: $3.49
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