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Cartoon Craft by Studio NAP is a small little RTS that feels and plays like a pocket version of Warcraft II. There are Orcs, Humans and suddenly Zombies. Gather resources, build your base and attack the enemy to destroy their units and bases. Just like that, all in real time. Install the game while now and keep it on your account forever.


Cartoon Craft


Orcs and Humans are facing the huge battle. But wait! Someone weird is coming. Then every orc and human turns into ZOMBIES! What’s happening? Come get here and save the day! This is a real-time strategy game. The most adorable RTS on mobile (Probably).



How to


– On start there are 4 workers on your side
– Make them gather gold from mine and lumber from trees
– Build a farm and barracks
– Train swordsman from barracks
– Make your force search the map and smash the enemies


What’s New


– Support force suggest added
– ‘Forces in screen’ button added
– Workers learnt how to find tree batter!
– Green building template’s position bug fixed
– Exit popup by Back button added
– 1 Touch Drag function changed(Multi-select -> Move Screen)
– Stage8 Map replaced
– Select All Force button added
– Save/Load menu added
– Back button applied
– Critical Bug fixed
– Minor Bug Fixed


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Cartoon Craft
Cartoon Craft
Developer: Studio NAP
Price: $1.99
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