Castle Burn Celebrates 1 Million Downloads

Bluehole PNIX announced that they reached the milestone of 1 Million downloads for their recently published game Castle Burn. The game is available on Android and iOS for free and with over 500,000 matches being played each day, it reached remarkable rankings on Google Play and the App Store. To celebrate this, Bluehole is giving away free stuff to all active players.


Castle Burn  Giveaways


To celebrate, Bluehole PNIX is giving away free in-game currency and card packs to all players who log in during the One Million Castles event that starts today and runs through Sunday, August 26. In addition, the company announced plans to introduce player Guilds and Guild Wars into the game in the upcoming months, adding a new team mechanic above the game’s vaunted ranked PvP matches.



“We are very gratified that Castle Burn is resonating with players so strongly, with one million downloads and extremely positive user ratings worldwide, and we want to reward the players who are driving our success,” said Junghoon Kim, CEO of Bluehole PNIX. “We are committed to adding more great content for our community, including bringing Guilds and Guild Wars to the game in the future.”


More About Castle Burn


Castle Burn is set in a land of fantasy with magic, towers, Vikings, and dragons where players strategically deploy buildings and card-based units to lead their forces to victory and burn their rivals’ castles to the ground. The game pairs opponents based on player ranking points for strategic, head-on battles. Matches happen in real-time as players act to counter their opponent’s moves concurrently, attacking the enemy castle while protecting their own. While launching units, towers, and spells from their card deck, players will build camps and mana sanctums to fuel their efforts and destroy the enemy castle to win the match. Players can build their deck on the fly during each match, choosing different cards from available cards and unlocked tiers (additional tiers open during the match as more cards are played) to dictate the battle conditions or reactively adapt to what their opponent is throwing at them.
Game Features


  • Over 50 Heroes: Collect, Deploy, and Upgrade a pantheon of powerful characters with personality—and build your card deck on the fly with each match
  • Buildings, Units & Resources: The three key pillars of RTS play are presented in a streamlined manner that provides more options with less clicking
  • Simple Choices, Complex Outcomes: Where and when you build, what unit combos you assemble, and how you use your Hero and his or her special attack are all key factors
  • Ranked Play: Win ranked matches to advance to higher leagues, obtaining Crown Points, new cards, and maps as you go!
  • Multiple Modes: Play the main PvP mode in both Ranked and casual play (where you won’t lose any Crown Points) as well as single player training and challenge modes
  • View Your Strategy: Watch your most recent matches to study opponent strategies and come up with ideas for your next battle, review results in the Battle Records menu, and pinch to zoom during matches to see the action up close!


To download Castle Burn, just follow the link below.

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Castle Burn - RTS Revolution
Castle Burn - RTS Revolution
Developer: PNIX
Price: Free+
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