NIKKE is out globally on Android & iOS

After the successful closed beta test, NIKKE is finally being released worldwide. This Action RPG/Sci-Fi Shooter by Level Infinite features beautiful anime girls and fair to play Gacha system, an extensive story campaign and a full English voice over that sounds fantastic. High quality animations, including full screen anime cutscenes are also in.

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The story of NIKKE

A long time ago Earth was invaded by species of an unknown origins, called “Rapture”. They wiped down everything in sight in matter of days, countless humans lost their lives and no modern technology stood a chance against these monsters. Those few that somehow managed to survive, went into hiding underground and called their new base “The Ark”.

Fast forward couple of decades, a group of girls awakens in the Ark. But they are far from ordinary girls. in fact, they are the pinnacle of human weapon engineering, the NIKKE. They however, can’t operator on their own. A human controller is needed to guide them and issue orders, the commanders. As it happens to be, you are one of the commanders that just graduated from the academy.

Gameplay and hero collection

Most of the gameplay is narrated with excellent English dub, including few anime cutscenes that you will encounter while playing. The other part of the game is a mixture of RPG and 3rd person shooter. You have your team of incredibly hot waifus, all you have to do is create the best possible squad available at the moment. Each NIKKE hero has strengths and weaknesses, equipment slots and special attacks. Combining the right elements will give you an edge over the Rapture. However, leveling up and limit-breaking your hot companions is also an important factor.

NIKKE come in different shapes and sizes, heh, and less armor they have, stronger they are. SSR characters usually wear tight skirts or less clothes (in general) compared to plain rare (blue) heroes.

Here is a lengthy video of Chapter 2 and overview of the summoning process, upgrades and equipment. Check out the video description for the timestamps.

NIKKE Gameplay Video (and summons)


GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE is free to download and play on Android and iOS. The gacha system it uses received generally favorable reviews from reputable outlets. The game will “eat up” around 3GB of storage, but it includes full voice-overs. If you can’t download from the Play Store, I suggest you side-load the APK or download via

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