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Bugtopia for Android preview

Bugtopia is a brand new game from 37GAMES, for now only available on Android. The game is a mixture of base management, with battles “borrowed” directly from Pants vs Zombies. The main difference is that you will have to buy your own buggy heroes (instead of plants) and train them to face the oncoming goblins, skeletons, werewolves, reapers and zombies.

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About the game

As I already mentioned, the battle part is pretty much same as PvZ. You have your shooter bugs, resource producing bugs, blocking bugs etc. However, their level and skills can be improved by spending resources to upgrade them. It took me around 45 minutes (probably 30 with dialog skipping) to complete the first chapter that doubles as a tutorial.

Taking care about your base is the other most important thing you will do. There are tons of buildings serving different purpose and yes, it can be a bit of overwhelming at first. Once you finish the first chapter and beat the huge boss, PvP asynchronous mode will unlock. Here you can test your squad against other players, but the battles are fully automatic and you don’t have any impact of the outcome. Sadly, you can just sit and watch.

I recorded my chapter 1 playthrough and I wasn’t really bored, but I can’t say anything about late gameplay or how grindy (or not) the game will be after, let’s say, one month.

Bugtopia Gameplay Video


Bugtopia is available on the Play Store for free, only on Android. It isn’t a huge download, and will probably run fine on mid to low tier devices. Make sure you change the refresh rate to “ultimate” in the options, or you will be stuck with 30 fps.

If you can’t download from Google Play, tap the “Download APK” button to side-load it from APKPure.

Ivica K. – “Bugtopia for Android preview”

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