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Angry Birds Racing – Early Access Gameplay

Rovio is working on a new 2D Angry Birds racing game, and no, it’s not a variation of Angry Birds GO! The game is currently in soft launch in Canada only, but you can sideload the APK file easily. This is an early preview, and the final form of the game will probably change, but the core gameplay is here and it’s not bad at all, in fact it’s fun.

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What does Angry Birds Racing offer?

This is a racing game on a 2D track. You launch from the slingshot and by doing flips to gain speed and collecting rocket fuel, you try to beat everyone else. Rovio claims that you race real players from around the world, but I think at least half the “players”, are actually bots filling up the space. You and 15 other birds are launching at the same time, collect coins along the way and reach the finish line first. That’s about it.

Gold is used to upgrade your bird stats, and feathers are for unlocking better birds. However, races are composed of players with different (often better class) birds, so crossing the finish line first is somewhat rare to see. If Angry Birds Racing hopes to be on par with other similar games like Sonic Forces, this needs to be addressed properly.

Check out the gameplay video for the first 15 minutes I recorded.

Angry Birds Racing Gameplay


Angry Birds Racing is available on the Play Store in Canada only. Except for the racing part, other features like in-game store and friend connection are still not implemented. If you can’t download the game through the official channels, you can sideload the APK file from the link below. Apple version will probably follow in the future, but right now the game is only available on Android.

Martin J. – “Angry Birds Racing – Early Access Gameplay”

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