[New Release] Wordament ® – Monday word puzzles

Another Monday, another game that will help you procrastinate from all the productive things you should be doing. It comes directly from “Microsoft Game Studios”, looks like “Scramble” and will make you see blocks of letters all day long. And yes, it’s online. Well…. sort of.

Wordament ® (yep, it’s a trademark) is all about finding words on the board as fast as you can. The game is designed to simulate an ongoing tournament, providing each player a copy of the same board and 2 minutes on the clock. The round ends when the time expires and you get to see how you fared against everyone else and what words did you miss.


Tapping on someone’s name (gamer tag) on the leaderboard, will instantly add them to your “Frienemies” list where you can keep track of your friends (or foes) performance. If English is not your native language, you can join one of the 15 other game rooms available (more to come).

You can connect Wordament ® to your Facebook or Xbox Live account, but only the latter will provide achievements. The game is free to download and play and features one bottom ad below the board. Follow the link and have fun.

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