[New Release] Terraria on Android? Finally!

The huge indie hit Terraria finally arrives on Android. Terraria is action adventure RPG / sandbox game that allows you to shape the world, kill the attackers, build stuff and advance your character.  The world is your canvas and the ground itself is your paint!

Terraria was originally released for PC back in 2011 and over 2 million copies have been sold ever since. The Android version was released yesterday and features pretty much everything you can find in the PC version, except the multiplayer mode. Die, fight, explore or build, attract NPC’s to work in the rooms you build and find the exclusive Android pet!


Right from the start, your character gets the basic axe, a copper pickaxe and the copper shortsword. The tutorial will explain everything nicely as you start shaping the world to your liking. There are over 200 crafting recipes at your disposal, 25+ block types, over 75 monsters, 5 bosses and 10+ NPC’s that you can attract  to occupy your structures.

For now, you can play the game only by using the dual stick touchscreen controls, gamepads are not supported (yet). One of the best features from the PC version, the multiplayer mode, is also missing, but hopefully the developers from Re-Logic will implement it somewhere down the road. Otherwise the game supports the “Google Game Services”, providing achievements and leaderboards, without the “cloud save” feature. You can install Terraria for free from the Google Play link below and try it out yourself, then decide if you like to buy the full version for about $5.00 or not.

UPDATE: Terraria was removed, than re-added. Link updated, download it here.

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