[New Release] Help the Zebuloids!

The Vogelz crash their spaceship on planet Zeb’s surface and in order to fix the vessel they need to gather dark matter and loot the planet for all the valuables they can find. The cute Zebuloids are not helpless as well and with your help they can counter this threat and drive the Vogelz off the planet. Zebuloids is a brand new 3D isometric puzzle game coming from Mando Production, the developer that gave us Babel Rising and Hills of Glory.

You take control of the 3 Zebuloid friends that you need to guide through various obstacles, collect dark matter, diamonds and make them work together so they can reach the safe spot and complete the level. Each Zebuiloid has unique characteristics. They yellow one for example is tall and slow and can’t pass under low bridges, so to get him through you will need to use his friends and clear the way for him. The level ends when all the Zebuloids safely reach the designated spot. Occasionally you can fuse the friends together and create the black Zebuloid that can dash and jump over obstacles.

The game offers 3 worlds, each featuring 10 levels free of charge with 2 additional worlds (20 levels, probably more to come) that can be purchased separately. The unobtrusive ads can be easily removed as well by spending $2.30 from the in-game menu. And that’s about it. There are no IAPs or other gameplay restrictions that will drive you away. You can install Zebuloids on your Android device from the link below.

UPDATE: Game was removed from the Play Store.

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