[New Release] Combat Cats

Kitty Island was once a peaceful place filled with kittens sniffing catnip all day long. Then all of a sudden, the Aquarium Alliance decided to steal all the good stuff and drive the Kittens crazy. Fortunately, our feline friends are armed to the teeth, but will require your help as well to get all the catnip back. Only in Combat Cats by “New Horizon Games”.

Combat Cats is a match-4 type of game with action and RPG elements. As you keep matching blocks, the Cat pilot flying in the upper part of the screen will unleash the hell itself and destroy everything in sight. Match the blocks slowly, or don’t match them at all and the pilot dies as he takes too much fire.

The Cat nation was obviously well prepared for this day and managed to develop a large arsenal of weapons, including the nuclear bomb that will completely obliterate the playfield. You can collect coins and catnip trough the game and spend them in the local shop to upgrade pretty much everything.  Planing ahead and performing combos will help you kill the enemies faster by setting off devastating strikes and chain attacks.

Achievements are also present, rewarding your hard work with trophies such as “stare at the map for 2 minutes”. Combat Cats was released on the Android platform just a few days ago and is now live on the Play Store. You can get the game for $0.99 from the link below.

UPDATE: Game was removed from the Play Store.

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