[New Release] Neon Shadow

New game has emerged on the Play Store. It’s about shooting rebelling machines in their shiny metal behinds, saving the humanity or turning your friends into foes. It comes from “Tasty Poison”, the developer that gave us Pocket RPG.

If you really care about the plot, it involves malfunctioning cybernetics on a space station and you, the agent that is going to fix everything by shooting their faces into oblivion. What’s really important, however, is that “Neon Shadow” was developed to bring back the old school “Run & Gun” gameplay of PC shooters from the 90’s such as Doom, Quake and Unreal. What does it mean? It means there are no “run for cover to heal” moments when you take damage, oh no, you will have to do it old school, pick-up med packs and collect ammo crates scattered around the map.

The real fun starts when you finish playing the single player campaign and decide to test your skills against real people from around the world. Neon Shadow offers both local and online deathmatch play, but co-op mode as well if you decide to play with your friends. You can even play split-screen if you happen to own some of the big Android tablet devices.

Neon Shadow provides native controller support for Moga Pro, Nvidia Shield and generic gamepads that will give you an edge against opponents using the standard touch screen based controls. If you like to see this game released on Steam (Windows, Mac and Linux), you can cast your vote here. You can buy Neon Shadow for $2.99 and forget about further annoyances in form of IAPs or ads.

Neon Shadow: Cyberpunk 3D Firs
Neon Shadow: Cyberpunk 3D Firs

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