[New Release] Rabbids Big Bang

Brace  yourselves, Rabbids are back! This time, they decided to form a “Rabbids Space Program” so they can collect coins and complete missions, but mainly as an excuse to bash each other behinds with all sorts of bats. We have a liftoff.

Rabbids originally appeared in “Rayman Raving Rabbids” back in 2006 and their later game “Rabbids Go Home” from 2009 made them even more popular when they mistakenly assumed that “The Moon” is their real home and decided to build a giant pile of junk and simply climb it. If you somehow completely missed the franchise, this music video sums it up nicely.

Rabbids Big Bang is a physic based game where you have to pilot your “Rabbid” in space and complete objectives. The main goal is simple, launch the pilot by batting his behind as hard as you can, collect coins, control his trajectory by using his jetpack and planets gravitational fields and try not to crash into anything unless you’re asked to. If you run out of fuel or swirl your pilot off course, you lose. 10 different galaxies and 150 missions will keep you busy as you try to top the leaderboards and unlock all the achievements. Coins you collect can be used to buy upgrades, better bats or simply customize the look of your hero. This is how the propulsion system works:

Liftoff in 3...2...1...
Liftoff in 3…2…1…

If you consider adopting those wacky creatures to your Android phone or tablet, you should know that the game sells for $1.22, but features optional IAPs as well. Ubisoft made the game “child-proof” by implementing the “parental gate” to prevent accidental in-app purchases and avoid unpleasant “surprises” on your bank account. Rabbids Big Bang seems to be aimed towards the younger population, but you can go ahead and click the link below, no one will know.

And remember, everything’s better with a bit of BWAAHHHH!

UPDATE: Removed from Play Store. Download Rabbids Big Bang APK here.

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