Time to punch the bear where it hurts, in the latest side scrolling beat-em-up game coming from the “I Fight Bears” developer, starring Tim Burr (no, not Timburr) the lumberjack who obviously can’t bear it anymore and decides to take revenge.

Tim Burr’s family has gone missing and his house spontaneously (!?) bursts in flames. As that wasn’t bad enough, his hand also became self-aware, hungry for revenge on the evil Bears that decided to enslave humanity by populating history with homicidal wild animals. Our hero will travel back in time and make them suffer, one-by-one! It all makes perfect sense!

Dinosaurs, deers and other animals are collaborating with the enemy, so you will have to break their jaws as well. Fist of Awesome features pixelart graphics and bears a strong resemblance (last pun, promise) to old school scrolling fighters such as Final Fight and Streets of Rage.

You can get Fist of Awesome for about $3.99 and if you really like it, visit developers website where you can find free paper-toy cutouts or pre-order your copy for Windows or Mac. If you ever wanted to beat the living crap out of bears, this is probably the closest you’ll ever get.

UPDATE: Removed from the Play Store. Download Fist of Awesome APK here.

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