[New Release] Giant Boulder of Death

WEAR your finest lederhosen with renewed pride and REVEL in the century’s most yodel-tastic (and FREE) gaming sensation! – Wait what? Ahem…exactly. You are a giant boulder, sitting on a top of a mountain overlooking the village at the bottom, forced to witness your girlfriend’s death (another female boulder) as she get carved into a statue by the evil people down below.

Filled with anger, you start rolling downhill with only one goal in your mind. To get to the village and kill everything along the way (except spikes, you should avoid these). As you bowl your way down the mountain, you will unlock upgrades, collect coins and complete objectives that will help you upgrade different aspects of the boulder itself or some of the surroundings. Since every boulder’s dream is to become the INVINCIBOULDER, you will have to perform combo moves (kills) to fill the invincibar and transform yourself into a FIERY BALL OF DEATH (YEAH! WITH SPIKES!).

The game does feature IAPs and ads, but nothing game-breaking. Both currencies can be collected by playing or bought for real money from the in-game store. Completing some of the objectives will provide you with trophies in your “Galerty o’victims” that you can show around and brag to your friends about. If you wish to access the global leaderboards, you will have to connect your Facebook account (google game services are not supported). Giant Boulder of Death comes from “[adult swim] games” the creators of  Robot Unicorn Attack 2 and can be downloaded for free from the link below.

UPDATE: Game removed from the Play Store. Download Giant Boulder of Death APK here.

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