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Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Review for Android

How would you approach your target audience if the same is divided in two fantasy worlds? You find a way to give them all what they want. Adult Swim Games and PikPok did exactly that, they combined robots with unicorns for all the boys and girls in the world to play together.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is the second installment of the series, but unlike the first game, this one is free-mium. The game can be best classified as an sideview endless runner. Your job is to jump and punch through obstacles while busting stars, collecting bonuses and “Unicorn Tears” that serve as currency in this game.

Graphics have been updated, everything is nice and smooth, and you will especially enjoy looking at the backgrounds that are colorful and always changing. Floating islands with waterfalls, volcanic craters and even moons will pass in front of your eyes, while your unicorn dashes forward into oblivion.

Eyes on the road please
Eyes on the road please

What’s new

Controls are as simple as they can be. The left part of your screen acts as the jump button, while the right one is dash. Dashing can be performed in mid-air as well, and combining the two feels quite naturally. Responsiveness is not an issue, but you will have to time your moves perfectly and be ready to quickly alter the course if needed. The layout of the stages changes daily, so memorizing it won’t help you on the long run.

RUA 2 brings in challenges that you can complete in order to increase your rank. Each of them offers stars upon completion, and earning certain number of them will rank you up. You will get all sorts of assignments that are generally doable, but if you get stuck you can buy your way out with tears, and get another assignment since you can only have two at the same time. Upon reaching rank 6, you will be offered to join one of the two teams, the Inferno or the Rainbow. Everyday teams compete for the daily challenge, and the members of the winning team receive small award in form of Unicorn Tears. When you reach rank 15 you can unlock the Ice World, giving you even more objectives to complete and tears to gather.

You can customize and tweak your unicorn for certain amount of Tears, but you will have to get the upgrades unlocked first by gaining levels (ranks). As you gain levels you will also unlock boosts that can be assigned before starting each game. They are often helpful and consist of improving your game or giving you second chance when you smash your unicorn into something, but they do cost tears to activate.

One of the symbols of the first game, the ballad “Always” by Erause, has been replaced with instrumental tune. You can still get “Always” by spending .99 cents in the music store, among the other tracks available like “Never ending story” by Christopher Hamill. The game also incorporates ads to generate money, which can be slightly annoying, not because of their frequent appearance, but because they load and shut down slowly.


It’s safe to say that Robot Unicorn Attacks 2 is step in the right direction. It bring numerous improvements, while keeping the core stuff that made the first game so popular. The freemium transition may be considered either good or bad depending on your stand about the question. The slow loading ads can be a bit annoying, but you won’t see too many of them, and none during the gameplay. If you used to like Robot Unicorn Attacks, you will definitely enjoy its sequel, as did I. Now go chase that rainbow.

Addictive gameplay Slow loading ads
Nice music… …in the music store
Eye-candy graphics

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 was removed from the store, but you can still download the APK here.

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