[New Release] Dead on Arrival 2 – Paint it RED!

N3V Games decided to release “Dead on Arrival 2” in Australia and New Zealand a week before it became available worldwide, and now it’s time for the rest of us to join the party. So, are you ready to fight off yet another Zombie Invasion? Arm yourself and start downloading, Dead on Arrival 2 is waiting for you on the Google Play Store.

doa2- (1)

Compared to the original game, Dead on Arrival 2 brings in updated graphics, new weapons, maps and the highly anticipated 4 player cross-platform co-op multiplayer mode. Yes, the graphics are good, but keep in mind that you will need a device that can match the Tegra 2 performance in order to start the game at all. Dead on Arrival 2 will auto-benchmark your Android phone/tablet the first time you start the game in order to auto-adjust the graphic details so you don’t get unpleasant slowdowns and jerkiness. Lucky owners of some of the Tegra 4 powered devices are in for a special threat as the game simply looks amazing on those processors.

The gameplay is  simple, shoot zombies, upgrade weapons, have fun. Each kill awards certain amount of “ZBucks” that you can spend to buy power-ups, new weapons, armor and costumes, but can also be used to unlock doors, open chests and resupply your ammo. If you like, you can also spend real cash to acquire more of the ZBucks, or get the double-coin upgrade that will help you grind faster.

The co-op multiplayer mode looks quite interesting, but I was unable to try it as the game kept claiming there are no other players available (which I seriously doubt). As the game was launched worldwide yesterday, safe bet would be that the servers are being overrun by players trying to get in. All sorts of gamepads (yes, even the generic ones) are fully supported  as well, but the on-screen thumbsticks will do the job just fine if you don’t own any of these. Apart from the previously mentioned “ZBucks”, there are no other IAPs or ads to annoy you and you can enjoy slaughtering the infected ones without other restrictions. Dead on Arrival 2 will occupy about 140 mb of storage space, a reason plus not to skip this one. Get it from below and meet me inside.

UPDATE: Removed from the Play Store. Download Dead on Arrival 2 APK here.

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