Rovio reveals Angry Birds Go!

After their latest game “Angry Birds – Star Wars II”, Rovio seems to be pushing the Angry Birds franchise even further by showcasing the gameplay of “Angry Birds Go!”. Basically, it looks like Mario Kart on steroids.

This is the first Angry Birds game in the series (apart from “Bad Piggies”) that won’t be using the famous aim & shoot mechanics. Angry Birds Go! is a downhill kart racing game that takes place on a 3D Piggy Island. Each character will have its own unique special power that can be used during the race and additional characters can be “teleported” inside by scanning the telepods that you can buy in toy stores around the world.

Among other things worth mentioning are the upgradable karts, the power-ups scattered around the tracks and the fully rendered 3D world. Of course, Rovio didn’t miss the opportunity to announce their newest strategic partnerships that will sell Angry Birds branded clothing and apparel. You can expect the game to be released on December 11th this year on Android, iOS, Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone 8.


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