New MMO – Call of Dragons announced

What is Call of Dragons?

Call of Dragons is depicted as an “MMOSLG”. That represents Massively Multiplayer Online Simulate Life Game. While we have hardly any familiarity with that, we can say that this is basically a MMO-RTS.

Created by Rise of Kingdoms group Legou Games, this dream versatile game is fairly interesting. Set in a tremendous MMO world, you’ll be entrusted with growing a military and investigating the immense, fantastical environment.

You’ll have the option to order up to five armies immediately, investigating and engaging at the same time. As you investigate the world, you’ll run over strong mythical serpents that you can tame and add to your developing armed force. Moreover, these mythical serpents will assist you with exploring in front of your military to see approaching dangers.

Reveal Trailer

While most of the game will highlight PvE battle, PvP is likewise on the table. You’ll have the option to fight your armed forces online as well as go head to head with your scaled monsters. It truly looks truly fun.

Like Rise of Kingdoms, your primary objective will be to develop your military from a little town to a relentless army. How you do that depends on you.

Release Date

It wasn’t mentioned, but you can pre-register here. Free rewards will grow with more people registered and if 2 million players pre-register, a secret prize will be given out.

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