MU Origin 2 Class Update is Here

A new update for the popular MMORPG – MU ORIGIN 2 has just rolled out. Featured changes are the anticipated Class Change system and the Ancient Tower, a place where players can obtain materials for item upgrades to enhance their Ancient Relic and Ancient Seals.

The class change system allows players to change the class of their character by using the chest of gospels item or diamonds (the premium currency in MU ORIGIN 2). The Ancient Tower on the other hand is a place where you can farm valuable items. It requires a party of 2 (minimum) to enter, between 10 AM and 11PM (server time).

In the update, new features of the character upgrade system have been introduced, allowing players to continue to increase their CP (Combat Power) through Divine Feather, Void Record and Costume Evolution.

Divine Feather allows players to reach the full potential of their wings through enhancement. When players enhance their Divine Feather, they can gain additional elemental effects and buffs in accordance with the level and tier.

When reaching lv. 210, players will also have a new mission to defeat monsters and collect their souls in the Void Record which is divided into Rare, Unique and Epic graded fragments. The activated Void Record will allow the set effect depending on the level.

In addition, the new Costume Evolution system has been added to the game. Players can now evolve their costumes by combining three of the same type of costume to obtain extra powers.
Furthermore, a level-cap increase to Master IX (Lv. 1299), new maps, several tweaks, optimizations, and bug fixes are now available in MU ORIGIN 2.

Meanwhile, MU ORIGIN 2’s second anniversary celebration event is coming on May 24. The event will bring 3-week login bonuses, special boss monster rewards, free permanent costume, special promotions, with free rewards, which will be running until May 30.

Developer: Webzen Inc.
Price: Free

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