While arcades may not be as popular as they once were, a lot of value is still given to the games they used to run. There’s something special about taking control in your hands and throwing yourself straight into a colorful and energetic challenge. That’s what Noice 2D Game Studio has to say with UFO99. This oddly-named but awesome title appears to be made for phones, and the speed at which it plays will pair well with any arcade game. But the question is, is it best suited for mobile devices?

There are so many extraterrestrial stories that explain why visitors come to Earth from beyond the stars. In the case of UFO99, the aliens seem to have enough trouble to fly without worrying about visiting other planets. In a world reminiscent of Doodle Jump, you play as a tiny UFO that flies through a room full of cute but hostile creatures. Your goal is simply to take as many as you can while you still have time. A simple challenge that is difficult to complete.

When aliens come, they always bring with them the latest and greatest high-tech items that humans can only dream of. At UFO99, gaming brings some fun stuff to the table. First, he has a very friendly and charming appearance. Everything feels pixelated, but the way the colors and lines look gives the whole thing a more graphic feel. Also everything seems to be in sync with what the music is showing. As you move further through the game and encounter different enemies, the tone will adapt to the situation and the enemy’s movements.


UFO99 is a 2D arcade style game about flying around UFOs, collecting items, and destroying Space Invaders’ adorable cousins. It’s colorful, fast-paced, and offers challenges that really make you strive to be better. The lack of variety works against it on all fronts, but the multiplayer option might help with that. Whether you’re alone or with friends, flying a tiny alien ship is a fun way to spend your free time.

Developer: Noice2D Game Studio
Price: Free

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