N-INNOCENCE Chapter 2 released

N-INNOCENCE, the popular RPG based around the actions of gods from Japanese mythology, has just received the second part of the main story. To commemorate the launch of Chapter 2, the game is initiating several exciting events. A login bonus of up to 15,000 Gems, time-limited missions to acquire diverse items, and a special “Chapter 1 Main Quest AP 0 Campaign,” allowing players to enjoy Chapter 1 of the main quest without consuming any AP.

What’s new?

The main quest has expanded with the release of Chapter 2, where the gods of Japanese mythology assume prominent roles. Within this captivating narrative, players have the opportunity to engage with renowned deities like Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo.

New events

Get a total of 1500 Gems! New Chapter Release Commemoration Campaign!
To celebrate the release of Chapter 2, the game will be holding a “New Chapter Release Commemoration Campaign”.
During the campaign, players who log in daily can receive up to 1500 Gems, which is equivalent to one 10x draw from the game’s Gacha.

Bonus Period Until 5/9/2023 at 4:59 AM (JST/GMT+9)
*Players who log in for 10 days during the campaign can get all the rewards. It is not necessary to log in every day.
*Please note that all rewards must be accepted during the campaign period. Even if you have received them and not accepted them, they cannot be accepted after the campaign has ended.

Get Gems & an SSR Gacha Ticket! Limit-time only missions are here!
For a limited time only, the game will introduce special missions where players can compete certain challenges, such as enhancing an Avatar or clearing Chapter 2 of the main quest, to get rewards.
These mission rewards feature a variety of items, including Gems that can be used at the Shop or for Gacha. Additionally, by clearing all of these limited-time only missions, players can win an SSR Gacha Ticket that guarantees its user an SSR Divinity.

Availability Period Until 5/23/2023 at 12:59 PM (JST/GMT+9)

Zero AP cost for quests!? Join the “Chapter 1 Main Quest AP 0 Campaign”!
During the campaign, the game is holding a “Chapter 1 Main Quest AP 0 Campaign” where the AP cost for playing Chapter 1 of the main quest will be completely eliminated.
Players will need to clear Chapter 1 in order to challenge Chapter 2 of the main quest, so the campaign will be an excellent chance to catch up.

Campaign Period Until 5/9/2023 at 12:59 PM (JST/GMT+9)


The update is already live on Android and iOS, you can download the global version of N-INNOCENCE from the official stores below.

D.B. – “N-INNOCENCE Chapter 2 released”

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