Zoo Life: Animal Park Game (Gameplay Video)

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game is a brand new zoo simulation game from Sparkling Society. It’s a casual Zoo building game with nice colorful graphics and easy pace. Perfect for everyone who likes laid back management games.

More about Zoo Life: Animal Park Game

This is a free to play title that will appeal mainly to casual gamers. You can build your own Zoo (at your own pace), discover new animals and even breed them to create offspring. But that’s not all. As a manager, your job involves managing other facilities alongside the habitats, facilities necessary to make your Zoo attractive to visitors and get a solid cash flow.

Animals come in many different varieties with variable rarity. You can get them by playing the game and opening special packs. You can also beautify the habitats by adding toys, shelters or decorations. Happy visitors will give you positive reputation needed to progress further and unlock more parts of the huge map. Every new facility or action grants a little rewards like cash, reputation or extra resources. Just tap and collect them from time to time and never forget to feed the animals.

To get a taste before you download, check out the video we recorded from our own gameplay.

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game – Gameplay Video

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game is a free to play game. It does have some ads, but mainly for the rewards. The developers from “The Sparkling Society” team have proven trustworthy when it comes to long-term support. In other words, expect lots of content updates, events and new features.

The game will run on pretty much any hardware from the past 4 to 5 years, but make sure that you have at least around 200 megabytes of storage space available. Internet connection is not constantly required (except for ads that grant rewards). Zoo Life: Animal Park Game is available right now for Android (link below), iOS and the Windows Store.

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One thought on “Zoo Life: Animal Park Game (Gameplay Video)

  • To whom it may concern,

    I wish to say i really like your game. I play that none a lot. However, there are some glitches that i feel need to be mentioned. The safari game (currently playing on the system) has an issue like the last game similar to the safari game at least to me. I ,in both cases, have won green gems and decided to use all the gems to get the chance to breed a male animal. First was a black or brown bear ( I have both in my zoo) and the other is a mandrill baby boy. I used enough to get me to 70 percent and in both cases it tells me that I didn’t have enough good luck. The first time it said I tried at 40 percent and the one from this morning said that I didn’t get it at 35 percent. Both times I got 70 percent but it did not state that and yet the gems still were used. I lost the chance and it stated that neither was over 40 percent , both were 70 percent (my always try)


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